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What Does Your Website Do?

It's a fair question. Most business websites are little more than online brochures. If your website is going to work for you, it has to be more. It should be the central hub of a digital marketing system that's designed and optimized to attract qualified searchers, quickly direct them to the answers they need, and then compel them to make contact. At Jordan and Cross, we'll build that system for you. We'll optimize your site to improve your search engine rankings, create content and design features that generate strong leads, employ social media strategies that build interest and drive traffic, and use data analytics that measure real progress toward your business goals. Find out what expert digital marketing can do for your business. Email or call us today at 941-716-5875.

Web Design

Your website has to be more than beautiful. It should drive sales. Find out how.

Web Marketing

How can you take online traffic and turn it into real life clients? Let us show you.

Social Media

Can social media build your business? It can if you offer value With the right strategy.


Is your marketing working for you? You can't just claim success. You have to measure it.